Twinsburg Paranormal Conference

Why Twinsburg and why February?

I have been a speaker at many paranormal conferences over the years, from the two Ohio Paranormal Conferences in Dayton, Ohio to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure for two years to the Kecksburg UFO Festival in 2017 to many points in-between. For the last nine years I have presented at the Westerville Pubic Library just north east of Columbus, Ohio. Central Ohio plays host to multiple Bigfoot oriented events and the Kent/Ravenna area has played host to a couple of paranormal based conferences over the years. But what about Twinsburg? The Twinsburg Public Library hosts a yearly presentation in October like many libraries in every state, but what about a paranormal conference?

My experience and network of friends and colleagues has allowed me to create Twinsburg's first paranormal conference that will discuss ghosts, cryptozoology, as well as UFOs while celebrating the strange history of a city celebrating its bicentennial. Twinsburg is nicely located right between the Akron and Cleveland areas surrounded by a great network of interstates and highways that will bring you safely to the event even on a late February Saturday.

February is a cold and unpredictable month, so why would I dare put on a public gathering during the winter in northeast Ohio? The biggest part is cost. If I were to put this event on during the spring or summer the cost would be too great and I would have to charge way too much to attempt to break even (which is my goal regardless). The other part is getting some great names in the paranormal to speak and this time of the year there are very few events which plays to my advantage (and yours). The event was to be held in Twinsburg, but due to some issues with the original location I've been forced to relocate the event to Walton Hills.

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Do you believe?

The inaugural Twinsburg Paranormal Conference will explore ghosts, UFOs, as well as cryptozoology and other "beyond normal" topics that defy current scientific explanation. Most of the speakers are from Ohio and are veteran public speakers with varied backgrounds. The purpose of this conference is to bring the city of Twinsburg a public forum for those who believe, those who are curious, and those who are skeptical to ask questions and to learn from those that research and investigate these fields.

This event is new to this area and offers a unique blend of speakers not found elsewhere. Don't miss your opportunity to discover what is truly "out there". The event is created and hosted by Brian D. Parsons, a veteran anomalous researcher of over two decades and resident of Twinsburg.